Hi! My name is Anoukh and the name of my blog is Mina’s Typewriter.

When I was a lit student at university, I loved talking about the books we read (or had to read) with my fellow students in the corridors just before my morning class. I’ve been a graduate for a few years now and this urge hasn’t seemed to stop. My book case is now bursting at the seams and my head is filled with the books I’ve read and with vague ideas and questions about them. That’s where this blog comes to use. Since it represents the literary clutter that is my brain, I will probably fail miserably at logically organizing my entries. The blog will follow my erratic reading patterns, both in time frame and genre. That being said, my blog will hopefully cater to a reader who likes reading about all kinds of stuff: from Twilight to Tolstoy.

But seriously, no Twilight.