Holiday book cheer!

By now most of us have finished the leftovers in our fridge, put away the Christmas decoration, gave a good scowl at the scale, and have returned to that dreadful thing called work. But if there is one thing that stays with you after the holiday craze – besides the extra weight – , it’s the presents! And this happy blogger can’t complain.

For my last post I talked about my travels through Ireland and all the impressions that stayed with me the most. Lucky for me, my other half follows my blog with a resolute passion and got the hint by giving me this:

The Book of Kells Gift Edition by Bernard Meehan

Yes, The Book of Kells Gift Edition! Not only does this book provide elaborate context for the creation of The Book of Kells, it also contains around 60 full-page illustrations! In other words, it’s the next best thing to the original. Minus the ridiculous maintenance costs and mortal fear of tearing a page. 

Needless to say, I am one happy camper!



Now, to continue on the subject of gift-giving, I was wondering whether everyone has that same problem with buying books for other people. Knowing someone’s taste in books is a rare talent, and I myself have very specific preferences when it comes to reading. The titles I put on my Christmas list have wrinkled many brows in my family, and the gift certificates have been many. But still, a good book is a wonderful way to show you know a person and support their interests. When someone hands me a book I’ve never heard about with the phrase “You’ll like this. Trust me”, my excited present face often turns to a look of doubt at the sight of a strange author name and dubious book cover. But some of the best reads of my life have come from unexpected gifts. So, when you’re doing your Christmas shopping next year and you happen to pick up a book that reminds you of someone, don’t put it back on the shelve. Trust your gut and go for that present with a personal touch!


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