Halloween Disappointment

Well… the title says it all, really. I must say I was quite disappointed with this year’s festivities. Where were my monsters?? In preparation of Halloween I had made a list of all the possible movies for my Halloween Food and Fright Fest. Being my indecisive self, I gave up finding the perfect movie and thought I’d settle for whatever movie my TV told me to watch. And this is where my jaw dropped. There weren’t any Halloween movies on TV! Not one! Now I do live in a country where Halloween isn’t the great holiday it is in the US, or even the UK. But still. I had only one group of Trick ‘r Treaters and judging by the underwhelming size of their shared candy bucket, I could tell they weren’t going to have a very lucrative Halloween.

So I’m calling out to all the people who let Halloween pass them by: Don’t. You will miss out  on a great night of food, costumes, bad old horror movies, and screaming and laughing with your friends or family.

And in light of Halloween, I dug up some older work of one of my favourite actors (and voices): Christopher Lee. Coincidentally, he’s also narrating the work of one of my favourite authors: M. R. James!

Christopher Lee: “A Warning to the Curious”

And of course one of my favourite James stories: Tales To Terrify: “Oh Whistle And I’ll Come To You My Lad”


“Oh Whistle, And I’ll Come To You, My Lad!”




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